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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)



1.  Where and when are the games played?  The games are played at Lone Hill Middle School located at 700 S Lone Hill Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773. Game times range between 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00pm on Sundays.

2.  Where, when and how often are the practices?  Practice times are limited to three (3) hours each week for every AVY team.  Practice schedules and locations are at the discretion of the Head Coach and will be will be communicated to the families at the first practice, which is usually a week day or the Saturday before the first game.  The hour prior to every scheduled game will count towards the three (3) hour weekly limit.

3.  How long is the season?  Regular seasons last 5-9 weeks (depending on season), plus an additional week for the playoff tournament (every team usually qualifies for the playoff tournament).

4.  What are the age groups of the divisions?  Mini (5-7 year-olds), Junior (8-10 year-olds), Senior (11-13 year-olds).  Check the seasonal registration flyer for age eligibility dates.

5.  Can my child be placed in a different age division based on their maturity or skill level?  Yes.  If you feel that your child would flourish better in a different age division other than their own, that can be accommodated by contacting the League Commissioner via e-mail ( or 800.954.8113.  A phone interview will be required.

6.  If I have a concern, who should I talk to?  If there is an issue with the Head Coach, always speak to the Head Coach first to resolve any matters.  Any unresolved matters or any other issues may be addressed to the League’s Commissioner via e-mail or phone.

7.  What do I need to purchase for my child to play?  It is recommended that each player wear rubber cleats.  Solid navy blue athletic shorts are preferred, but they may not have any pockets or striping.  Mouth guards MUST be worn for every practice and game.  Jewelry and head gear are NOT allowed to be worn by players.  The league will supply flags and footballs for the players to use.

8.  Is there a minimum play rule?  Yes.  Every player must play the equivalent of two complete series per half.  Consideration should be given when a series only lasts 1-3 plays.

9.  How are the teams put together?  Coaches may bring players in (according to strict limited retention guidelines per division), but the majority of the team is randomly placed according to residency and age.

10.  How are the coaches selected?  Each Head Coach candidate must be interviewed by the League Commissioner and also be Live Scanned through the San Dimas Sheriff’s Department after filling out the required forms.  Only certified coaches will be allowed out on the field of play during practices and games.

11.  Flags falling off during the play? If a player's flags fall off during a play, it is up to the defense to touch the ball carrier to end the play. The ball carrier must have his flags on before the play begins in order to be eligible, otherwise on possession on the ball the play is dead.

12. How Are Teams Formed? A Head Coach and one Assistant Coach may pair themselves up and their children to coach and play together respectively. The team may consist of up to three (3) retained players including the coaches' children. All other players will be placed onto teams according to residency, age, practice location and playing ability (when known). There will not be a tryout or a draft process. AVY does not honor requests made by players or parents to play for certain coaches or with certain players. Siblings that fall within the same division will always be placed on the same team.

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