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A rainout is defined as a game that is canceled before it is scheduled to begin due to poor field conditions, lightning, or natural disaster.  A rainout should never be speculated or assumed by a parent or a coach.  AVY's standard protocol is such that the League Commissioner will asses field conditions prior to the first scheduled game of the day.  At times, a City employee may make that judgment the day before and notify the Commissioner.  In either case, RAINOUTS will always be announced on the Homepage approximately 90 minutes (or more) prior to the first scheduled game.  If there is no announcement of a rainout 90 minutes prior to the first scheduled game, all games will resume as scheduled.  Rainfall does not always necessitate the canceling of games.  Field conditions, forecasts, heavy rainfall and lightning will all be major factors in whether or not games are canceled.  The League will not field phone calls, texts or e-mails inquiring if games are canceled.  The Homepage of the website will be the only official rainout notification.  Teams that fail to have enough players at any games may forfeit.  If the day's schedule has already started and it is deemed that the rest of the day will be rained out, head coaches of teams that haven't played yet will be notified via text or phone call at that point, but only if the game schedule has already started.
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